How to do advertising on Amazon: for Amazon sellers and others

Posted by Cristina Cairone Feb 9, 2018 10:37:00 AM
Cristina Cairone

Due to high conversion rate, invest on advertising on Amazon can be very productive. Focussing on research rating and on SEO activity on Amazon can be useless if you do not own your product sheet.

For this reason, the owner of a brand or of a product sheet are experimenting a big increase in Amazon advertising not only among users but also at a functional level.

The increase of Amazon channel is carrying, as a consequence, a big evolution in marketing until reaching the levels of Google AdWords.

The opportunity to use Amazon as an advertising service is available for every user with different budget.

Remember that the number of sale for a product increases the ranking of that product sheet. As a consequence, to advertise your products on Amazon is an incredible strategy to give visibility to your products and potentially increase your ranking as a seller.

Advertising options by Amazon are 3:


  • Sponsored products by Amazon
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
  • Amazon Advertising Platform

If you want to know more about sponsored products, you can go directly to  this page.

Let’s do together an in depth analysis of AMS and Amazon Advertising services.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

AMS is that service useful to advertise the products “sold by Amazon” bought by Amazon from you as a wholesaler (Amazon Retail).

To join, you need:

  • a Vendor Central access, or
  • a Advantage Central access, or
  • a Vendor Express access.

AMS platform includes sponsored Products, but also Headline Search Ads (you can read a guide here) and Product Display Ads.

The Headline Search advertising space are pay per clic, targeted according to keywords specified by a seller. They allows to brand owners to redirect traffic to a specific Amazon page or an Amazon landing page with three or more products.



The Product Display advertising space are targeted according to products or to users’ interests or tastes. These ads can be graphically different according to the page position: they can be at the bottom left of the result page, inside the review page or at the top of the advertising page.



What is Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)?

Questa Amazon advertising platform allows to Amazon sellers and not sellers to take advantage of advertising spaces on Amazon website and on third-party websites (Programmatic Advertising). This solution can be useful to services business or app who want to take advantage of the daily traffic of users on Amazon (20 million single users per month, just in Italy) to increase the brand notoriety.

On this platform, indeed, the advertising is exclusively “display” mode, with the possibility to target the interests of Amazon users according to two different definition of “public”:

  • Market: according to the last marketplace
  • Lifestyle: according to last year shopping choices

You can take advantage of the enormous data owned by Amazon and that it is available to be used for other purposes.

Currently, there isn’t a platform for the users, but Amazon itself manages the campaign.

Here you find what are the AAP services enabled.

If you are interested to this type of Ad as a consequence that you can’t sell products on Amazon (because your category cannot be sold or if you sell services) or if you want to know more about Amazon services, ask us a piece of advice!



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