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Posted by Cristina Cairone Apr 5, 2017 12:00:00 AM
Cristina Cairone

Among the online shopping websites, in the last years came up also Spartoo. This marketplace is concerned about bags, clothes, shoes, shoes and other shoes!

For the people who, like me, love shoes it can be very interesting! Think that there are almost 70000 shoes!

It was launched in 2006 – available in 32 languages – it includes almost 2000 famous brands, from the luxury brands to the more casual ones (it means for all the pockets). There are exclusive items and sales. Like all marketplaces, you can buy with free delivery and return.

There are some aspects that are different from any other marketplace:

  • the first one is the student discount - by stating that you are a student you will have 10% discount on every item (a good offer!)
  • the second one is #MINE: in this section anyone can create ad outfit with the articles present in the website and then share it on the social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The look you created can be bought by the people who see your post!

The products are well- presented, with many photos and many technical detail. You can also do a very specific research thanks to the filters.

For the payments and the prices, it offers something different: payment in 3 instalments and the possibility to inform Spartoo that another website has a lower price of a given item. For this reason we can realize how much the control over the competitors is important for Spartoo.

This portal, like Amazon, introduced a Premium service, with an annual subscription at only 19,90€ that gives you:

  • 15% sale on every item in the website (except for the items already on sale)
  • 5% of discount on the items during the sales period
  • Free express shipping in 5 days
  • Cash on delivery (for free)

If you have never visited this website, I suggest you to take a look because you can find there a great variety of items!

If you are a seller and you sell this type of products, we can help you to sell on Spartoo.

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