Take advantage of Facebook to increase your customers on Amazon

Posted by Cristina Cairone Jan 30, 2018 12:51:00 PM
Cristina Cairone

How to increase your brand on Amazon?

This is the goal that many sellers have: they want Amazon to act as a springboard to push their brand and website.  

To increase your brand notoriety on Amazon it is not so easy, it requires time and patience. You can find some pieces of advice in my guide (that you can download here)

I would like to suggest a consideration: have you ever thought about using your Amazon customers data to find them on Facebook and use them in Ads campaign on Facebook?

In this way, you can redirect your customers (and other like them) to your website and increase your brand popularity.  

Data about your customers are your best resource.

As an Amazon seller, you have access to precious pieces of information about your customers.These data will help you to identify your ideal customer.

Even if you did a market research on a given demographic target, your ideal customer comes up by looking at who bought from your shop and on Amazon.

I suggest you keep an history of the past customers, because they represent the personas you have to keep suggesting your products. You can use it to increase your visibility: use this list for your marketing segments.

Data of Amazon customers has given this opportunity: now you have a starting point to add more customers to your list.

Alt! But marketing with Amazon customers’ data is forbidden!

You don’t have email address of the customers, so you cannot send directly marketing emails, you cannot add external links either with Amazon message center nor including them inside product sheets. Moreover, you cannot add discount tickets that can be used only inside your website.


Here you have Facebook.  

There’s a way to redirect your advertising to past clients and people with similar attitudes and interests. The data you have on Amazon are enough and you will not break any rule.

This way is using Facebook advertising, in particularly with functions like “customized audience” or “lookalike”.
Audience segments allow to the advertiser to use filters and different criteria to create group of people to redirect advertising.

One of the best way that Facebook gives you to create a customized audience is to use a file with a list of customers data.

In this way you will reach the customers on Facebook through their data. When you upload the file with the data, Facebook will use them to reach the customers profile on the platform.

Obviously, Amazon is not telling you the match between your data and the customer profile (this will be a privacy violation) but you can reach them through advertising.

This audience can be increased by using a Facebook tool to search for users which have similar features as your past customers.

Facebook’s aim is to gather interests and demographic data of your customers in order to match other Facebook users with similar behaviour.

The info you add on your Facebook page, like gender, role, age, posts you liked, pages you follow: these are the data used.Facebook finds an appropriate audience by using the customized audience and you advertising will be efficient.


How to build a customized audience starting with Amazon data:

This operation can be very easy, it requires only a few passages.

The pieces of information you need can be found inside your report area on Seller Central.  

Step 1: Make a report

Go to Reports on your Seller Central
Click on Payments
Go to the “Statement view”

Clic on “shipping completed by Amazon”.
Add data range and require download


Step2: Correct columns

There will surely be useless columns. Facebook will not use them, so you can delete all of them. The most important columns are: Name, City, Nation, Postal Code.


Now that you have a file with all the fields filled in, go to your Power Editor on facebook and choose Audience.

Step 3: Create a customized audience

Click on create audience
Click customized audience
Select “file”

Chooce “select a file or copy and paste info”

Upload the file you created

Lookalike audience

You can notice that your audience is not so wide. With few thousands of people, you will not have so many results on FB.

If you have a good offer, you can use lookalike audience by Facebook.

A list of customers which bought for more than 100€ could be your audience example. These people surely share interests, sale behaviour and income bracket. This is your target group.

You just have to do:

Click on  Create audience

Select Lookalike
Select an audience group used an a “first step” to search for similarities.

Add your geographical target
Choose the dimension of your audience  

In this way, you can:

Advertise products or special offers that you have on your website

Public Amazon listings

Ask customers to enroll in newsletter to be updated


What do you think about it? I would like to hear your comments!

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