EAN Codes: how to obtain and where to verify them

Posted by Cristina Cairone Feb 14, 2018 12:00:00 AM
Cristina Cairone

Ean codes represent an obstacle for those who sell on marketplace: some people don’t have it and some others own wrong codes. What’s the best way to verify the code and its owner?

To sell on Amazon, eBay or Google Shopping the products must be identified by a GS1 barcode  (EAN - GTIN). Every single product is identified by an unambiguous EAN code, recognized worldwide. As a consequence, it is impossible to use false or fictional EAN codes.

Only the GS1 codes organization allow the identification of a product worldwide.

Once a product is registered, your company is enrolled in GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry), a database with fundamental info about 1.000.000 companies in more than 100 nations.

Do you have ever had the necessity to check the truthfulness or the registration of an EAN code?

On Amazon, for example, the product verification is an essential step to publish products. Sometimes, the system cannot execute the product creation request for an EAN code error. In this case, you should be in need of a tool to check this code.

You can check this GEPIR page out, add the code and verify if it exists and then discover who’s the owner and other pieces of information.



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