To optimize the title of the listing: advices to sell on eBay

Posted by Cristina Cairone Mar 29, 2017 11:50:00 AM
Cristina Cairone

We already talked, in a previous post, about how to create listings on eBay and in that occasion the first point taken into account was the title of the listing. The optimization of the title is an activity that we always suggest to our clients even if sometimes it can take long time.

How can I do to optimize the title of the listing on eBay?

It seems ordinary, but not every seller think about it: to write a title for a product with only  the brand and a series of SKU is unuseful. And there is nothing worse than to see our listing with no views and no interest from the buyer.

The relevant keywords within the 80 characters provided by eBay help your item to be reached by the users and, as a consequence, to be likely to be bought. It is not useful also to “fill up” your title with random words.

You can use a software called Terapeak, this software will help you to choose the keywords to add in your title.

What is Terapeak how does it work?

Terapeak has an exclusive licence on eBay selling data and gives analysis and tools to guide the sellers through the trends of the customers. The sellers uses Terapeak reports to know which brands, items, etc. are the most requested by the buyers.

Terapeak, having in hands all the information about the listings, can tell you which are the most used words for a given item in a given market (Italian, English, Spanish..). You can try to use the free trial.

What to add in the title?

Apart from the use of this tool, you have to take into account that, in the title, you must surely add:

  • Brand;
  • Model;
  • Type of product (shoes, notebook, ring,..)

There are other info to add but that varies according to the category:

  • The code, for the informatics/electronics;
  • Size and colour, for the clothes;
  • Typical characteristics of the item (e.g.: carat, material, final use,…)

Χ What to avoid?

  • Try not to do typing error;
  • Do not write the whole title in big letters;
  • Avoid the punctuation;
  • Do not use adjectives such as “beautiful”, “awesome”, etc.

Remember always to put in the users’ shoes: what would you write to search for an item? Only by doing so you will help your clients to search for your products.

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