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Posted by Cristina Cairone Feb 21, 2018 12:00:00 AM
Cristina Cairone

For those who sell on Amazon, it is a pity not to take advantage of the Amazon logistic system.

Indeed, you don’t have to worry: with Amazon Fulfillment and its warehouses  you can forget about the problem of space (if you don’t have enough space for your inventory), refunds and also packaging.

Moreover, you can use Amazon warehouses as the conseignee of your overseas shopping: you can use then your own shipping (once you received the item) or ask to your supplier to send directly the items to Amazon warehouses.

It is fundamental to respect the guidelines, for the supplier, concerning:

  • the type of packaging
  • the type of storage

In this case, you will be the only responsible for the shipping. You will also have to check that the items are in compliance with Amazon requests and that you have all the documents needed, for example to go through customs.

Your items can be shipped, e.g. from China, to Amazon warehouses and then be shipped to your final users.

Moreover, you can use Amazon FBA not only for Amazon orders, but also for orders from other marketplace or portals like eBay or your eCommerce.

This function is named Multi-Channel Fulfillment and you can:

  • Process orders at the same time
  • Save money for shipping expenses
  • Customize your pack with logo and other info or ship your pack without Amazon brand (for fee)
  • Manage easily also eBay refund, for example

You have surely heard that, to increase your incomes, you should use more sale channels. On one hand, this will increase your incomes, but on the other hand to manage and so many orders can be difficult . The solution? Gather all these orders in a one and only one panel.

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